Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jim Gaffigan Dad is Fat

Do your reading habits vary according to what's going on in your life? When I was in college and later, when I was teaching, the number of books I read during the school year dropped to an all time low (something I hate admitting, since I love, love, love reading). Once I was through with classes, studying and/or grading papers and writing lesson plans, I devoted my remaining time to family, friends and social activities (I made up for it by binge reading during the summers). But other than "those years," I pretty much read constantly.

Still, what I'm reading varies according to where I am in the process of writing my own books. I go though long periods of reading mostly fiction (lots of romance novels, but others as well). But I usually have at least one work of non-fiction on my plate. My favorites tend to be memoirs, biographies and books of that nature. I go on binges with those when I'm deep into some writing project, because it's difficult for me to read romance when I'm in the throes of writing it. Reading other people's romances at such times can distract me, so I save all the ones I want to read for those times when I'm editing or at some less intense phase of writing.

Lighter fare is perfect for such times, so right now I'm enjoying Dad is Fat, by comedian Jim Gaffigan. I was lucky enough to get to see him in concert last year, and you're probably familiar with him, too, but if you're not, his book is about life as a father of five children (apparently, he and his wife and their children live in a 2-bedroom apartment in New York). It's a fun, fast read. Here's an NPR interview with some funny and interesting quotes and a link to an excerpt. Thumbs up on Jim Gaffigan's first book. I hope he'll write more.


Unknown said...

I didn't enjoy his book as much as his stand up. I really like his delivery!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Brenda, I agree that I like his stand up better. So much of his comedy is his voice, and while I can sometimes get a sense of that voice when I'm reading, it's not quite the same. Still, I am enjoying the book.