Thursday, January 16, 2014

No Heat, But I'm Still Warm

While the new furnace is being installed, I'm wearing the layered look (thank goodness for turtlenecks), and since my stove is electric, not gas like the furnace, I heated up the kitchen by making some scones.

Now, I'm back to work. How's your day going?

Stay warm!



Laney4 said...

Let's see now.... I've been up almost an hour, so the day is going fine so far, LOL!
Usually I have a to-do list for today prepared the previous evening, but, alas, I skipped it last night. Amazing how lost I feel this morning without one, so I guess that will be my first priority (now that breakfast is done and I've taken two phone calls). I know I have to go out in the afternoon and again in the evening, but hopefully I can be productive otherwise.
It's been snowing up a storm, so to speak, here all morning. Thankfully, it is light and fluffy, so shovelling should be a breeze (for somebody - anybody - else in my family, LOL). Our gas furnace is working just fine, knock wood, as is our electric range. Life is good.
I'm glad you're surviving with that trusty turtleneck and oven. I can almost smell the scones! (I baked apple crisp on Sunday and our company helped us eat it all. I baked butter tarts with raisins on Tuesday, but they're almost gone already because I ran out of corn syrup so could only make 15 tarts.)

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Laney4, I hear you on that To Do list. I just finished making several new lists (where would we be without them)? And it's snowing here, too, though probably not as much as it is in your neck of the woods. Apple crisp? I love the sound of that (and the scent and the taste). Yum! Off to make some tea (it's still warm enough, but tea will make it warmer). I'm hoping that the furnace installers will be done very soon. They've been here for six and a half hours.

Mary Preston said...

The scones look yum. Stay warm she says!!!!

I have been knitting - a lot - bamboo/cotton yarn - super soft, silky and gorgeous to knit with. I've just made the prettiest (if I do say so myself) burp cloths.

I've had tradesmen in too. Who gets excited about a new toilet? That would be me. My daughter was disappointed it wasn't pink or green or blue. Boring old white it is.

I've also had part of the guttering replaced. It had rusted through. I need to catch every drop of rainwater. Both tanks are empty. I use the rainwater for the washing machine, toilet & all outdoor use.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, I have a green toilet, but not by choice. It was here when we arrived, and I'd much rather have white. I can never change the color of the room because of the green toilet and bathtub.

The bamboo/cotton yarn sounds lovely. I'm all for soft yarns!

Good luck catching rainwater. Are you experiencing drought with the heat, then?