Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LEGO and Google Just Upped Their Game

We've talked before about how innovative Google is and also about the joy of building with LEGOs. Now the two have joined forces in Build with Chrome, which went live yesterday. If you visit the site, you'll have three options. You can click on Build Academy, where you will be faced with a series of challenges. You can Explore All Builds, which will take you to a map where you can see what others have built (and their location), or you can Start Building, which will take you to a LEGO plate with choices of blocks and block colors. You can rotate the plate, place and remove blocks, zoom in, zoom out, change the height of the view, and eventually publish your creation if you wish, placing it on the map.

I tried it out on the most basic level, using the building plate, and I'll admit that if I'd had more time and hadn't needed to get to work, I could have played around for hours. As it was, I just settled for beginning a basic building, shown above.

Here's the promo video.



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