Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fun Kitchen Shortcuts

This was going to be a post about the joys of sharing tasks (baking, shoveling snow...) brought on by the fact that those scones I featured last week were from a recipe found in the newspaper by my husband and which we made together (kind of a new thing for us. Usually, unless the food is French toast or involves grilling, I'm the cook). I'm not much of a baker, so having an assistant definitely made the task more fun.

However...on my way to writing this post, which was admittedly, a bit on the thin side (once I had made my point, what more was there to say?), I discovered these videos on kitchen shortcuts. So that's what I'm featuring today.

But really, I think we'll be doing more baking together. I just hope that I'm up to the task (because the truth is that I don't bake so I won't eat all that fattening stuff).

Anyway, I hope these two short videos prove useful. I hadn't seen most of these shortcuts before (I also haven't tried any of them yet, so let me know if you have. I'd love to know how they work in real life situations).

Have a wonderful day!


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