Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dinner (or Marriage or More) in the Sky

Let's suppose that you had a lot of money. Would you be interested in Dinner in the Sky? It's been around for several (or more) years, and if you haven't already heard of it, the concept is that a crane hoists diners and staff into the air, usually in very scenic areas. (There's also Marriage in the Sky and Showbizz in the Sky, which may feature other adjacent platforms with performers or the bridal party). I'll admit that I'm fascinated by the concept and the fact that it must be a monumental experience to see Paris, for instance, from a viewpoint that no one else has, but despite a number of climbs to mountain peaks where my feet are on steep and rocky, but solid ground, I'm not usually fond of heights. I'm not sure I could do this without hyperventilating.

Festival in the Sky
Image of a dinner over Edinburgh by Graeme Pow

The video below offers a bit of an explanation of what this experience is about. Dinner in the Sky began in Belgium but has now spread around the world. And they appear to expanding into even more venues. A visit to the website (link above) reveals Golf in the Sky, Theater in the Sky and more. 

And a wedding

Would this be on your bucket list if you had the money?


Laney4 said...

It's bad enough being up there (when I'm afraid of heights). It's bad enough when my stomach rolls being up there too. But eating up there as well? Yeah, like I want even more food to throw up - and all over everyone else too! It's not happenin' on my watch. With my luck, the crane would experience problems like a ferris wheel does occasionally, and I'd be stuck up there for days on end (although you can be sure I'd have several books in my fanny pack/purse/backpack just in case, LOL).

Mary Preston said...

I love heights, being up high, but this just seems silly to me.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I wonder if anyone has freaked out once they hoist them into the air. It might be entertaining for the other diners. (Or not). LOL