Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve Traditions

Yes, I know I've been video-heavy this week. In part that's because I'm still getting my act together after the holidays. There's been a lot going on here, visiting and running around and cleaning and installing and repairing things and...lots of stuff. Mostly good stuff (well, except for those things that needed repairing, like a door handle that gave in to metal fatigue after faithfully admitting people to the house for decades). I do promise to move on to things other than "all videos all the time" very soon (the best books of the year lists, for one), but for today...more videos!

It been a long time since I've featured anything by a perpetual favorite of mine, John Green. So...with that in mind, here's his most recent Mental Floss with 38 Bizarre Items Dropped on New Year's Eve.

And since we're talking New Year's Eve drops, here are 50,000 balloons falling 30+ stories in '08/'09, just because that's kind of awesome.

I hope your days after Christmas has been restful (with no broken door handles). See you tomorrow!


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