Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Stockings?

When I was growing up, we lived in apartments, so there was no fireplace. We had traditions, but Christmas stockings weren't a part of them. Then when I got married and we had our two sons, things changed. I'm not sure exactly what year was the first year of the stockings, but it might have been as soon as our first child was born. I know that I went to the trouble of embroidering the boys' names on their stockings whereas Mom and Dad were hastily applied with glitter glue (and yet it endures to this day, wobbly though the letters may be).

It's funny how the years have changed what goes into the stockings. There's always chocolate (of course), although one of my sons isn't much for sweets, so there have to be nuts or something with salt (try thinking of something salty that would fit in a stocking). When they were young, there were small toys like this animal noise maker (you flip it over and it moos).

Having been a teacher, I cruised the aisles of teacher stores looking for nature cards or small art supplies. I visited the dollar or five or less stores. If it was quirky or cute, it was meant for a stocking. 

These days, our sons are grown, but the stockings have become such a tradition that we still have them. It's gotten more difficult to find clever stocking stuffers, but I enjoy the hunt. It's a tradition that's as much for me as it is for everyone else (and yes, I get a stocking, too. Sometimes I slip in some small item that I've been wanting but have denied myself or simply never got around to, such as a cute knitting counter, a pink nail file, or interesting pens. These things were made for stockings).

Are you a Christmas stocking person or not a Christmas stocking person? 


Mary Preston said...

We don't have fireplaces - not the norm anyway. In our family the children have stockings. They are laid at the foot of the bed. It's an exciting ritual. I woke myself many a time as a child by kicking my now full stocking in my sleep.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, less than an hour ago I was watching an episode of a talk show my husband taped. Ralph Fiennes was on, and he was explaining the tradition of the stockings at the foot of the bed (that must be nerve wracking--but exciting--trying to sneak in to fill the stockings)!

Mary Preston said...

Generally you sneak in, remove the stocking, stuff & return. Returning it is tricky because it now SOUNDS very exciting.