Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pet Love

I just watched a video about bullying (it was an awesome video, not a bad one. It was by John Green, who is one of my favorite bloggers but who is also an amazing author who writes about young people realistically. If you haven't read anything by him, I urge you to give him a try).

At any rate, the video got me to thinking about people and how we make each other feel, both good and bad (sorry, writers spend umpteen hours a day placing themselves in the heads of others, trying to imagine how each person feels). It made me wonder, what are some of the things that redeem us and help make us better people than we might ordinarily be? I think that pets must be somewhere right near the top of that list. They accept us unconditionally, they have to rely on us totally, and they give so much that we're better people for simply being around them. They almost force us to respond to them in positive ways, and I think that makes us kinder.

Now mind you, I have no pets (I know. If you're a regular here, you already know that), but I would hate to live in a world where pets didn't exist. So here are a few Flickr pet photos (as always, click through to the source links to see more of the photographers' images).


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