Friday, November 1, 2013

About That Power of Persistence We Hear So Much About...

If you're a writer or a musician, an actor or an artist many other things (someone learning a new way of doing things or a new skill, a person looking for a job, for a big break, for the perfect home, the perfect life, the perfect mate, the perfect anything), then you've thought about the power of persistence. You've discussed it, considered it, and wondered if it's really true that if you believe something hard enough and/or work for it with enough determination, then you'll succeed. If you simply keep trying, will you really realize your dreams and touch the rainbow?

It's impossible not to think about these kinds of things when you're doing something very difficult, something where many other people have fallen by the wayside, too discouraged to continue. We want to believe that persistence will win the day for us. And...I think we have to keep believing that, because while it's true that not everyone can succeed despite making a Herculean effort, it's even more of an absolute for most of us that without persistence and dogged determination, we'll never get to grab the brass ring. And after all, doesn't all that hard work make the success at the end of the road--even if it's a rather small success--feel wonderfully satisfying?

Watch as this little mouse tries to do everything in its power to claim a cookie. Now that's persistence!

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