Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You Can Take the Teacher Out of the Classroom, But Sometimes...

...you just can't take the classroom out of the teacher. Or...something like that. The truth is that as much as I love writing and romance and brainstorming and letting my mind wander through imagination land (yes, that's a real place, I'm sure of it), sometimes I just get super-nerdy and hung up on cool facts. Ok, it happens more often than sometimes. It happens a lot. And I totally apologize for that. But I hope you'll bear with me, because most of the time I keep all that stuff off the blog. Except for now and then. Most notably when C.G.P. Grey comes out with a new video.

This one is titled How Many Countries Are There? I really had no clue, and I was surprised how complicated the answer was.

World Map Puzzle

See what you think. 

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