Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marchello Barenghi Draws a Truly Realistic Looking Lightbulb

I always love watching artists demonstrate their talents. I could watch drawing and painting shows on television for hours if I had the time. So YouTube has proven to be a treasure chest of artistic delights for someone like me.

Marcello Barenghi is an artist who has posted numerous videos online of himself going through his process. There are videos of him drawing amazingly realistic everyday objects such as a fried egg, a boiled egg, a Pepsi can, a bag of potato chips, a bee, an amethyst, a Granturismo, a Snickers bar, a bottle cap, a rose and more.

Here he draws a lightbulb that looks so real you'd swear you could pick it up. Enjoy!

Visit Marcello Barenghi's website to see more of his art and read about his process (it's actually a very cool website). 

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