Friday, October 4, 2013

Living in a Work of Art

I've done other posts on small living spaces (or books about living in small spaces), but this one, sent to me by a family member who knows what I like, is more unique than most. I was astounded by this man's ability to adapt to living in a cube, a work of art, in one of the most heavily populated parts of the country. You have to see the inside of this to believe it. Amazing!

This got me thinking about space and about how much room I really need to live and what things I would have to have in order to feel comfortable. Interesting. 


Laney4 said...

Every day I think about what items I would not take with me, should I need to move into an apartment (as that day is approaching faster and faster). For example, I still record my shows on VCRs, but I wouldn't have the space to keep so many of them in an apartment. (I am four months behind on my shows, so a PVR doesn't work for me until I get caught up, plus PVRs are too expensive!) Some items get put in our huge yard sale pile, some go to friends/family who express an interest in having said items, and sometimes the stuff just goes in the garbage/recycling. Either way, I am trying to downsize.
I can't imagine living without sunlight, only going out at 3 am to shop/do laundry, and most especially being spun around constantly. (I'm dizzy enough as it is!)
You are right, though, in that it makes you think. Thank you.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

That's interesting. We don't have PVRs here, not in the sense you mean. We used to have DVRs, but pretty much all of those are now linked to cable companies and we don't have cable. But I think that eventually almost everything will be streamed over the internet or in the cloud, so that might solve some of the storage problems. Maybe.

And I'm with you on not wanting to do all of my chores in the dark (or being spun around. I'm assuming those were 2 of his friends doing that for the sake of the video, but he did say that it happened often. I get dizzy just thinking about that).