Thursday, October 3, 2013

If You Like Animation (and I Do)...

When my kids were young, relatives gave them all the newest children's videos, which meant a lot of Disney videos. That was great, because I liked them as much or more than the kids did. Mind you, this was way back, and most of the movies were on VHS, which means that they're pretty much meaningless now. And my children are grown. I have no children's videos, or very few. Still, the other day when I heard that Disney was taking The Little Mermaid out of the vault, I was pretty psyched (smart business move on Disney's part to make their movies available on a limited basis, but...not so great for the rest of us). I think it's probably time to start updating my Disney and other animated films video collection.

Here's one that won't be out on video, because it's new and won't be in theaters until November (in 3D).

Some more of my favorites:

If anything, I'm finding it even more fun to watch these movies now than I did when they first came out.


Mary Preston said...

I do enjoy great animation. UP, WALL-E, TANGLED and TOY STORY 3 had me in tears in parts. That's how amazing they are.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, I love WALL-E and TOY STORY 3, too. Not sure how I forgot those two (there are just so many good ones).