Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gummy Bears

If you haven't already heard, last week Hans Reigel, of gummy bear fame and the son of the founder of Haribo confectionery, passed away. I suppose candy isn't a major deal when we look at the big picture of life, but those little bears have provided lots of fun to children (and adults) everywhere. They've become an institution, so in honor of Hans Reigel, here are some gummy bear images.

This one, by Tau Zero, is titled Gummy Bears Shouldn't Try to Play Hacky Sack
Gummy bears shouldn't try to play Hacky Sack.

A giant gummy bear made of gummy bears
Gummy Bear

A gummy bear layer cake
Gummy Bear Layer Cake
This is from the Raspberri Cupcakes site, which has lots of gorgeous, fun, delicious recipes.

And then, of course, there's the world's largest gummy bear (not sure if this is in any way associated with Haribo, but it does exist and can be purchased at the Vat 19 website).

(The world's largest gummy bear, shown above, weighs 5 pounds, is 9.5 inches tall and has a 6,120 calorie count. Wow)! 

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