Saturday, October 26, 2013

Food That's Almost (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

A long time ago I blogged about a gorgeous cake (the purple ombre sprinkles cake) made by Steph at raspberri cupcakes. It's a site I could wander around for hours, just salivating at the gorgeous desserts. Now I'm here to show you more of the site's beautiful, beautiful cakes. All images are sourced from raspberri cupcakes on Flickr. Beneath each one is the link to the dessert on the raspberri cupcakes website. Enjoy looking (and maybe baking, too)!

Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans


  1. A craving for cake has just hit me. These look delicious. Beautiful too.

  2. I thought the third one was a candle at first, LOL!
    Mary is right. You've made me crave some sweets. Thanks a lot, Myrna!!!!!
    Maybe I'll make brownies tonight, as cake isn't a big winner in our household and would take forever to eat. Usually we share with company, but it's my husband's weekend to work, so that's not possible....

  3. I have a real sweet tooth that I have to smack into submission now and then. I don't think I could be a baker because I'd just eat things I shouldn't be eating. But I do love cake. And brownies and chocolate and...must stop thinking about sweets now.

  4. Mary, the woman who made these is from Sydney. I can't believe she isn't a professional baker, because these look so gorgeous, but she says that she's not.