Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catching Up

It's Halloween, it's raining and I'm a bit frazzled. But never fear. I have things to share, because I've just learned (I hope) how to embed some of the things I share on Facebook here, and some of the things I've shared there are actually things I would have liked to post here, too.

The other day I began going through some old files. I found records of some of my first sales before I started writing novels (I think this is just a link, but it's a public page, so you should be able to see it). Note the $2.40. I don't quite remember what $2.40 bought back then, but I guess smiles (mine) were still free, so it was all good.

Note: this was supposed to be a longer post, but Blogger appears to have cut off some of what I originally wrote, so I'll just save that for another day. 


Laney4 said...

Brought a smile to my face reading this. Thanks for sharing (and congratulations!).
Poetry, eh? It appears I have competition, LOL!
You mentioned going through old files (twice, actually). I went through a lateral filing cabinet drawer of old papers last week (hard copies of former customers' reports), and my shredding filled 16 grocery bags for recycling. (Took forever, as I shredded 2 minutes, let it cool down 14 minutes, and continued for several hours like this - while watching my taped shows.) This weekend I plan on going through all my income taxes since their inception (1976). I keep my "calendars/diaries" in there too, but I won't be shredding those - or my household receipts I claimed re self-employment (like those for the furnace and air conditioning). Still, I should be able to free up a drawer or two in that vertical cabinet too (here's hoping). Feels good to get rid of stuff, but I just know that within days to months, I will wish I hadn't shredded something. Oh well....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I have many things I need to shred (it just keeps piling up, as if the bits of paper multiply in the night). Yes, there was a problem with the blog, no doubt because I had links to Facebook. Hopefully it's fixed now, but maybe not. I took part of the post, moved it to a different post and dropped the numbers, but that might not have been enough.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Elaine, I don't think you have to worry about poetry competition from me. LOL I wanted to be Shel Silverstein for a brief while back in the mid-80's but I quickly got over it. I sold two poems to children's magazines, one being the $2.40 one above (hopefully shown above, I should say) and one for just a single copy of the magazine it appeared in. Needless to say, editors were not clamoring to publish my witty little poems. I still have all of them, of course. Maybe I'll self-publish them in a small book one day just for fun. They really need illustrating, though, so...probably not.