Wednesday, October 23, 2013

56 Up...Again

A while back, I posted about the documentary series 7 UP. The series began with what was intended to be a single documentary about British children from different classes, but seven years later it was suggested that the filmmaker go back to see what had happened to those children...and so the series began. Every 7 years, the individuals are interviewed again, and each documentary contains snippets from all of the previous documentaries.

I've seen them all, and I confess that I'm hooked. I'm fascinated by watching the progression of these people's lives (and I'm a bit embarrassed by that. All of them seem to dislike being interviewed and having these tiny bits of film represent the whole of their lives when obviously there's so much more to them as individuals). But the business of seeing clips from an entire life in one sitting is just riveting. I watched it on public television recently and it provided hours of conversation for those of us watching it together. Now, for a brief time (only until November 13th), POV, a US program on the public broadcasting system is allowing the public to view the entire show online here: (If for some reason you can't see this outside the U.S. I urge you to find a copy. I'm sure it's somewhere in the UK, given that it's a UK production).

Here's the trailer for 56 UP:

And some background on the film and director.
There are other clips online, some of which appeared in previous programs, but not in 56 UP. The embedding has been disabled, but they can be seen here.

It's a fascinating series, and I highly recommend it.

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