Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Period and Steampunk Clothing

Now and then I go through these phases when I just love tooling around the internet looking at all the unique items that are available there (in this case, I'm talking about shopping and historical costumes). It's amazing how much is available.

As a lover of historical fiction and as someone who began her career writing historical fiction (I never attempted to publish any), I love looking at all the clothing from other eras. So here are some of the sources I've come across of late.

The Tudor Shoppe (specializing in the 16th century)
Here you can purchase arms and armor, capes, tapestries, jewelry, music, tents, wax seals, masks, toys, shoes and of course, clothing, among other items.

A doublet, shirt, belt and bracers (which, I take it, are the leather protectors for archers' arms--I had to look that up)

A Celtic chemise and drawstring skirt

Recollections (among other eras, carries clothing labeled Pioneer Women, retro 1950s, Edwardian, Regency, Roaring 20s, Early Victorian, Old West and Bustle Eras) 
There is a wealth of choices here, including mourning wear, wedding attire, hoops, corsets, fans and vintage bathing suits and a small section of menswear, to name a few. Note: the site is a bit difficult to negotiate, but make sure you click on all the links and the drop-down menus. Clicking on dresses will only net a portion of the dresses, but clicking on each section and then accessing the drop-downs leads to a fun treasure hunt.

Note: I have not ordered anything from any of the shops here or in my previous post on the Victorian Choice shop. I simply have had fun wandering through these stores and thought that others might also be interested. However, in the interest of keeping this post from going on forever, I'll settle for a short list of some of the other shops where historical clothing and props may be viewed and purchased. 

Historical Emporium (from here, one can link to the Gentleman's Emporium, Lady's Emporium, Steampunk Emporium and Western Emporium)

Blanche's Place

For those writing historical fiction or for theatrical groups or reenactors, there are, of course, many more sources along with pattens. But I'm just having fun window shopping. I hope you will, too!

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