Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dogs with Their Teddy Bears

I was walking through the middle of town today, and I saw a man walking a beautiful golden lab. The lab was carrying what I thought at first was a stuffed dog, but the stuffed dog turned out to be a teddy bear. I wish I'd had a camera, because it was adorable. Since I didn't have one handy at the time, I went looking for photos other people had taken of dogs and teddy bears. Here they are:

Quinn & his bear
Gretchie with her Teddy

happy hund

Golden Retriever Puppy Napping with Teddy Bear

Abe & Brooke 062

Aren't they adorable? I suppose that at some point the bears get chewed up, but it's still cute.


Laney4 said...

The dog in my avatar used to carry small stuffed animals too. It's not like he ripped the animals apart; he just "gummed them to death", so to speak, so they were replaced every few months. Drool DOES takes it toll, LOL.
Thanks for the cute pics. You've made me smile again....
I see you've changed/updated your blog's commenting section. Nice job!

Laney4 said...

Just realized you've changed more than the commenting section here. (Can you tell I just got up?)
Lookin' good. Lookin' good....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Elaine, seeing your comment show up in my mailbox, I had to look at the blog to see what changes I'd made. LOL Google must have been hard at work on this one (I'd like to take credit, but I can't).

Laney4 said...

I didn't realize it would be Google making changes. Makes sense though, as I've noticed other blogs having the same change today. Whatever. It's still clean/crisp. Thanks for clearing that up!