Monday, August 26, 2013

Way Back in the 90's...(these things were common)

I see a lot of people referencing how much better the good old days used to be (never going to convince me. In my opinion, there was no simpler time. Reference any date in history and you'll find problems that existed then which don't exist now or at least which have been improved upon, whether we're talking medicine, discrimination against various minorities or the difficulty of getting things done).
That said, I think we all look back on parts of the past with fondness, and I totally understand being nostalgic about certain things and certain times, just not all things. Every age has its difficulties and every time has its characteristics. Consumer products and the means of doing things change, and sometimes it's fun to look back (I still have one metal ice cube tray and I love it a lot more than my plastic ones, even if I sometimes have to explain how it works to younger people).

So here's a video about things that were used in the 90's (for the record, you don't have to be a child of the nineties to remember these things. Anyone of a certain age will remember them).

So, go ahead. Be nostalgic. Is there anything you really miss that has been replaced by something newer but not necessarily better?

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