Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lure of the Cowboy

I've been tossing around book ideas lately, and although I haven't totally made up my mind, I keep coming back to cowboys. Not sure what the conflict is or how long it will be or...even if I really will write another cowboy book, but I'm leaning that way.

"Cowboy Splash" 
It certainly won't be the first one. I've written four cowboy/rancher books, more if you include a cowgirl novel and those that were simply set in ranch country. I've done a lot of research, spent a lot of time in Montana and Wyoming, and...there's just something about a cowboy hero. I think it's the attachment to the land. And the horses. And maybe the music. The loner lifestyle. The boots. The ruggedness. Or more likely, all of that.

Wyoming Cowboy Jackson Hole 

Whatever it is, I'm thinking cowboys.

But don't be surprised if I end up writing about ballerinas and Wall Street tycoons. Writing seldom follows linear paths. It's one of the things I find most frustrating about being a writer and also one of the things I love best about it. (Besides, in what other line of work could I spend my days thinking up stories and writing books about cowboys? I know just how lucky I am).

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Mary Preston said...

There is something rather special about a cowboy!!