Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Planning a Pretend Wedding

To all the dreamers, romantics and list makers/planners out there, I thought that today would be a good day to plan a pretend wedding. Growing up, I remember all those little paper fortune tellers girls (and boys?) used to make where we pretended we were going to choose the love of our lives, what color dress we were going to wear to the wedding and so on. (By the way there are some very imaginative ones floating around the internet. We may revisit the topic of paper fortune tellers).

I loved all that stuff, but mainly I think it played into my tendency to be both a dreamer and a planner. Growing up to be a writer was just a natural path for me. And while the most fun of writing is the story, in romance I have the added benefit of occasionally getting to plan a wedding. But not every book (or even most books) contain the actual wedding, and it's been awhile since I got to plan one, so I thought I'd do some of that today. I'll give myself some choices, and if any of you want to play along, feel free to tell me your preferences in the comments section below (or email me if you don't feel comfortable making a public comment). If I don't get any comments, I may resort to one of those paper fortune tellers!

So...here we go. Let's choose between two dresses from Alfred Angelo.

Dress A:

Dress B: 

Bridesmaid dresses (for the sake of simplicity, I'm choosing blue as the color). These are also from Alfred Angelo (our site of the day).

Dress A:

Dress B: 

Tuxedos (from Jos. A. Bank)

Tux A: 

Tux B: 

Last of all, flowers (let's keep this simple) from For Better or Less.

Bouquet A: 

Bouquet B: 

And yes, there is so much more to planning a wedding than just these few items (the venue, the food, the music, the invitations...), but that's the beauty of books. I can plan a wedding without having to worry about which guests should be seated together. Pretend weddings are fantastic! So what's your idea of the perfect pretend wedding? Something with a theme? Something more traditional? Go for it!


Laney4 said...

All the choices, to me, depend on the people involved. For example, as the bride, one style might not look right on her figure. Bridesmaids come in all sizes, so it can be difficult to find something that looks "okay" on everybody; with MY bridesmaids' dresses, it was imperative to find a style that could also be used afterward and not look like a bridesmaid dress, (which I thought we did well). Tuxes depend on the figures of their wearers also, and what looks good on someone tall, might not look so good on someone short. Flowers depend on the colours everyone is wearing.
That all being said, I liked both wedding dresses, depending on the bride; both tuxes, depending on the groom and groomsmen (Tux A if no belly; Tux B if has a belly); Dress A for the bridesmaid dress; and both flowers, depending on the rest of the arrangements.
Re MY bridesmaid dresses, all in dusty rose material: We had them made by a seamstress in pieces. There was a skirt underneath, going to the floor. Above was a dress to the knees with sheer material over a spaghetti-strapped dress. (Sorry; I'll never make it reporting on dress design, LOL!) After the wedding, the girls took the long skirt and hiked it up to wear as a sleeveless, shoulderless dress, tied at the waist (plus wore the spaghetti-strapped dress alone).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Great points on taking people's figures into consideration, Elaine! (I was so not thinking of that when I wrote this post, but it's so true).

Your bridesmaids dresses sound like what we all said we were going to do, but then didn't. And so carefully planned. I love it!