Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Pretend Gardener's Wishes

I've talked before about what a terrible gardener I am, so this video appealed to me.

Here's a pdf from a different source with more info on seed balls and how to use them. Apparently seed balls are a good way to ensure that plants grow (and they're a fun project for kids, too), because the clay prevents birds or rodents from eating the seeds. The seeds will wait until conditions are right (rain?) to germinate. Here's a bit on the history of seed balls. 

Some seed balls that have been planted in a bit of guerilla gardening.
Seed balls 7th & Hemlock looking North

And the results (I think this is the same area)
7th & Hemlock - 19jun07a

Looks like fun! Just remember (as mentioned in some of the posts above) to be careful what you plant (no invasive species). 

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