Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art in Borgloon (Belgium)

I was thumbing through an architecture magazine the other day and came across a photo of this structure.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh - Reading Between the Lines

Another view
See-Through Sunset

The sculpture, shaped like a church (which exists a short and visible distance away) is titled "Reading Between the Lines" because it's made from layers of steel which, depending on the angle one is viewing it from, make it appear to be a solid mass or a structure one can see through. It is apparently situated in (or near?) an orchard, and you can view some other beautiful images of the structure at this site (the view looking up into the ceiling is stunning). 

Here is a very brief video of the structure being built (no audio):

If you'd like to see an image of the structure with its real-life church in the distance, there's an excellent article with images here. 

It's located in rural Borgloon in the Limburg region of Belgium, and this is also in the vicinity.
Aeneas Wilder - Untitled #158 | pit

Aeneas Wilder - Untitled #158 - publieksmoment 04.05.2012 | pit

And this:
Wesley Meuris - Memento

Wesley Meuris - Memento

All of these are part of the Z33 Art Centre's Art in the Public Space program.

The structures below, the work of Dré Wapenaar, are tree tents where you can spend the night.
Dré Wapenaar - Tranendreef - publieksmoment 25.03.2012 | pit

I believe that the duck (below) has been deflated (not positive about that). Still, there appears to be lots of fun art in the area. I think I may have to add something new to my bucket list.

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