Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Concert Hall

In one of those odd quirks of fate, I ordered a piece of furniture last December and soon after began to receive an architecture magazine as a sort of perk for having ordered (which confused me at first, since I had no clue why the magazine was being delivered to me). Due to lack of time, the magazines had been piling up, so I sat down tonight to flip through a few. This new concert hall (Weill Hall at Sonoma State University in California) was one of the interesting finds (although this image is not from the magazine itself). Designed by Boston's William Rawn, the 1,400 seats are hand-crafted, and the rear wall is retractable, so that performances can be accessible to audiences on the hillsides outside. I love how the blond wood glows in the light. Now I want to see this up close.

Gorgeous concert hall at SSU

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