Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Day for Daffodils

Winter has returned today (at least it feels that way), and even though it's April, I still don't have any flowers blooming. Except for this daffodil. Which I bought at the grocery store. I really needed some sunny yellow blossoms to make it feel as if spring wasn't still in hiding.


  1. No coats here on the weekend; simply beautiful.
    Heavy winter coat at suppertime yesterday; really windy after snow in the air briefly.
    Afraid to go outside today, LOL....

  2. Yes, we had a nice Saturday and Sunday and then the cold came rushing back. We do have sun, though, so that's nice. I feel sorry for all those robins that rushed up here. I want to put little coats on all of them. LOL

  3. Haha just wait a little more and soon your garden will be flooded with beautiful flowers. By the way, daffodils look really great, do plant some more of them!