Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Author I'd Forgotten That I Loved

Sometimes I get so busy and caught up in...everything that I lose track of authors I've enjoyed. One of those authors is Patricia Gaffney. Back when I was attending conferences (or at least attending more than I do now), she was one of my favorite speakers. And listening to her speak made me want to read her books...which are wonderful. (The story of how she became a writer is interesting, too, if you watch the video below).

But somewhere along the way I lost track and she fell off my radar. I forgot to look for new releases. How wonderful then to have an Amazon email arrive today letting me know that one of her books is a Kindle Deal of the Day. So I ordered Outlaw in Paradise (a deal at $1.99) and now I see that some of her other books are being offered in Kindle versions. I love that I have new-to-me books by a favorite author to read!

Some of the other historical novels by this author (there are more, of course):

And one of her contemporary women's fiction novels:

Now, off to read!


Mary Preston said...

Patricia Gaffney is new to me. Thank you. I do love adding to my author list.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Somehow I always worry that I'll run out of books by my favorite authors, so finding a new one lessens the "what if I run out of books to read?" syndrome (although I've never actually run out of books and I'm not likely to, given the ones still waiting in line to be read).