Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunset Boulevard

I saw Sunset Boulevard at a local theater this weekend. The story, though compelling, isn't my favorite (I like a happy ending), but then I knew that there would be no happy ending before I went. I'd seen the 1950 Billy Wilder movie starring Gloria Swanson. (And no, I'm not that old. The movie was made before my time).

But I'd never seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and wanted to hear the music performed. I have to say that there was some decent music there. Of the YouTube videos available, here's one of my favorites, Elaine Page singing "With One Look." (This is where the aging reclusive silent movie actress tells the young hot-shot male writer that she doesn't need writers because she can portray any emotion with a look. I, of course, didn't see Elaine Page, but the version at my local theater was very good).

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