Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Use Your Seconds Well

In Seconds, a 2010 video by Marko Slavnic, a life is changed (or not) by a decision that is made (or not made) in a single second.

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  1. How true....
    I have often thought about "what if I hadn't ..." or "what if I had have ...."
    I once wrote a woman in my home town to thank her. If she hadn't lived on my street corner, she wouldn't have hired me to babysit her kids ... and she wouldn't have been an excellent referral on my resume ... and my boss might not have hired me, but he knew this woman professionally and DID hire me ... and my next job now had her AND the new boss as referrals, so I got that job because my boss knew both of them quite well professionally ... and, even though I knew my husband-to-be from our next-door neighbour, he might not have dated me had he not spoken with me twice a month where I worked (and known when I broke up with my boyfriend of 1.5 years in August so that he started dating me Labour Day weekend)... and I wouldn't have been married 31+ years to him by now, nor had his children. And all because SHE made that decision to hire me, way back in 1973. BTW, she really appreciated getting my note of thanks back in the late eighties....

  2. Elaine, what a wonderful story (made more wonderful because it's true)! It's always so interesting to think back on how seemingly small decisions can have a big impact on our lives.