Friday, January 18, 2013

If You Like M. C. Escher...

Many years ago my then boyfriend (now husband) gave me a book filled with M. C. Escher's work. I was fascinated, hooked, excited.

Jump to the here and now, and I still have that book, but it's been awhile since I've looked at it or even thought about Escher's genius. So today when I found an Instructable on how to make Escher cookies, I was fascinated all over again and went looking for Escher-inspired or Escher-like work or...images that were manipulated to have that Escher feel. (Note: I've included the links to the images below, because some of them came with explanations). (And I've included the video and link for the cookies at the end).

impossible object

Escher a Firenze?
Link to image and source

This is a staircase at the University of Chicago. The angle it was taken at does give it that Escher aura.
Link to image and source

Making the unpossible FUNpossible!
Link to image and source

the unknown
Link to image and source

And, as promised above, here is the video of the cookies...

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