Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I'm Reading Now

I'm slowly buying digital copies of all my keepers. Last week I read Laura Kinsale's The Shadow and the Star. Today I'm reading Flowers from the Storm, also by Laura Kinsale. I had forgotten what a wonderful writer she is. Both of these books have stood the test of time. I highly recommend them if you haven't already read them. Both of these books are a bargain at $2.99 each, and if you go to the Amazon page and click on the cover image, an excerpt appears (or you can download the sample if you have a Kindle or the free Kindle app). The Barnes & Noble Nook editions are also available for the same price.


Mary Preston said...

They look wonderful. I'll add them to my ridiculously long reading list. I will NEVER run out of books to read - got to love that.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Yes, I love having a good supply of things to read! My reading list keeps getting longer, but it's really nice to have a choice, isn't it?