Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Separate an Egg Using a Plastic Water Bottle

Do you believe that a video on such a topic could amass over 2.5 million hits? I had trouble believing it, until I saw the video. Then I understood why this went viral last week. There's just something fascinating about it.


  1. I too couldn't believe it before I saw it. Seeing is believing, apparently!
    I have already forwarded this to people in my Address Book. Thanks!
    (Not that I'll ever do it, as I think only one of my recipes requires eggs to be separated! Hopefully diabetes won't affect our family so that I can continue not needing to separate them....)

  2. It's one of those things I just couldn't look away from. Even my husband watched it, and I know he has no intention of ever separating an egg, at least not for cooking (maybe for the fun factor).

  3. LOL re fun factor. Yup. I could see my 27-year-old son (today's his birthday) doing that strictly for the fun factor.
    When he was around 10 years of age, he had his best bud over for a "birthday party". We took an electric frying pan and placed it on a wooden board, which was placed on a plastic tablecloth, and which was placed in the middle of our living room floor. Into the frying pan we put a bit of vegetable oil and a ton of popcorn kernels. OMG, you should have seen the popcorn popping all over the room! The kids had the dining room table turned on its side and were using it as a shield from the mayhem. It is one memory none of us will forget (and is oftentimes brought up by that friend - to this day - in conversation with strangers who have never heard the story). So, yeah, maybe we should have that friend over at the same time for the "demonstration"!

  4. The popcorn incident sounds like fun! (I'd probably be the "let's do this outside" person, because I wouldn't want to clean up the mess, but that would undoubtedly steal some of the fun factor).