Monday, July 2, 2012

What an Intriguing Read!

I mentioned the other day that I was reading Margaret Powell's Below Stairs. I didn't intend to post about it again, but I just finished it and it was one of those "read it at one sitting" books. Not just because of the intriguing information about the life of a woman in service (she was a kitchen maid and a cook), but also because she was a very interesting woman with definite and sometimes amusing opinions about things. There's a bit of history here (the way things changed over the years for those in service) and some insight into the differences between the classes of the time. I highly recommend it.

I take it that Ms.Powell became a bit of a celebrity after she began writing and Upstairs, Downstairs (inspired by her book) became a hit. I would have loved to have seen her interviewed. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1984, and the only video I could find of her was in this ad for chicken.

She did write numerous books, most of them out of print, and I'l be searching for them.

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