Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reading About Traveling Without Actually Traveling

I love to travel, but I know I'll never make it everywhere I want to do. Plus, it's fun to see a place from another person's perspective. That's why I'm enjoying Book Lust to Go by Nancy Pearl. Pearl is a librarian and she prefers her travel via books. So she wrote Book Lust to Go to tell people about all the wonderful books that can carry a reader away to another world without actually leaving one's house.

I'm not about to give up traveling, but this book (which is more of a listing of book descriptions than a sit down and read the whole thing experience) has added to my own book lust for books that open doors to places I've never been. One of my own favorites (not included in this book, I don't believe) is A Blonde in Africa by Laura Resnick. The fact that she's a fiction writer was what brought me to the table originally. But as soon as I began reading I forgot all about the fiction writer part. I was simply caught up in her experiences. This was a bold and fun adventure!

Do you have any favorite books (fiction or nonfiction) that made you feel as if you had traveled without leaving home?

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