Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Manly Task

Carrying the groceries in is so very difficult (and manly). (And yes, this is a commercial, but not one we see here in the states).


  1. Not seen here either, as far as I know. (I fast-forward through commercials and don't remember "seeing" it passing me by.) Yorkie, eh? From England perhaps?
    Good point, though. The women push the groceries, often in a full cart, around the store, heft it into the trunks (hopefully) of our cars, but it's only heavy for the men carrying the bags into the house.
    When I get home from shopping, I honk the horn when pulling into the carport. Hopefully someone inside has heard me and told the rest, as that is their cue to get the heck outside and lug that stuff into the house for me, while I get to figure out where it all goes. Sometimes I mess up by getting back when nobody is at home. Silly me....

  2. Elaine, that's when you drive around the block a whole bunch of times, waiting for everyone else to arrive. LOL

  3. Good point, Myrna. I just choose to shop when they ARE home, if at all possible, but unfortunately there are times when we are desperate for milk and bread.