Sunday, May 13, 2012

If You Love the Scent of Books...

You may enjoy this video on why old books smell. I do love the scent of books, although I'm veering more and more into electronic books (they have some major pluses, especially for those of us who like being able to enlarge the type when we need to) and I'm willing to give up the scent of a book for all those pluses. At least some of the time (I don't think print is going away anytime soon, and I do still read--and buy--print books). That said, I'm still fascinated by pretty much everything about books. This video held my attention and taught me a few things as well.


  1. I too enjoyed this. Quite informative.
    Motivates me to continue scrapbooking with acid-free materials - but to make sure I deal with newsprint in a safe manner. Didn't realize that newsprint could hurt my albums otherwise....

  2. I didn't either. Who would have thought it?