Sunday, April 29, 2012

SF Circus Performs on a Moving Walkway

This is a clip from a video made 2 years go and the original (I cut the first few and the last few seconds) doesn't seem to have gotten many hits. I can't understand why. It has one of my favorite songs by ELO, and this is a talented troupe of young performers.


 Unfortunately, the police did give them 3 $100 dollar tickets at the end, so there wasn't a happy ending. (And yes, I understand the reasons why, but that doesn't negate their talent or the fact that this was a fun video). If you'd like to see the video in its entirety with the extra 20 seconds, here's the link (note: there is a bit of language at the end).


  1. Talk about some talent and bravery!

    Jan from SpringFling'12 (cathy's friend)

  2. Jan, how great to see you here! I loved getting to spend some time with you and Cathy at Spring Fling!

  3. I'm thinking that $300 in fines was cheaper than renting them for an hour or so (but I'd hate knowing I'd received tickets, if it were me)....

  4. Good point on the rental rate. And yes, they did hate the tickets (their initial reaction to being ticketed was shown in the part I clipped), but since there were a lot of them and they may have gotten some fans to chip in, I doubt that any individual had to pay very much.