Monday, April 9, 2012

It's "Name Yourself" Day

Price is Right name tag!

April 9th is "Name Yourself" Day, so if you've ever gotten tired of your own name (yes, with a first name like mine, I do get tired of it now and then), today is supposedly the day when you can be someone else for 24 hours. (For the record, when I got the chance to actually change my name--at least my pen name--I chose to keep Myrna as my first name. It's not my favorite, but it's at least familiar).

If you want to play around with different names, here are some fun places to start.

Random Name Generator

A name generator which lets you choose nationalities

A fantasy name generator

A name generator where you type in your own name and see it converted to a Star Trek name

And finally, a Star Wars name generator


Laney4 said...

In Grade 8, I decided I didn't like Elaine. It was/is my second name, so I started to go by Monica, my first name, instead. Alas, kids started calling me Mona, so I decided Elaine was MUCH MUCH better....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

LOL Having been called Mona (so many people can't figure out my name), I totally understand. I've also been called Myrtle and...oh, so many other things. (My apologies to all the Monas and Myrtles out there. Also the Myrnas if you happen to love your name). I've considered using my middle name, which is Sue, but I guess by now I've gotten used to having a unique name. When people call my name in a crowd, I don't have to say, "You talkin' to me?" I know that I'm probably the only Myrna within miles. (By the way, I love the name Elaine! I once had a colleague I admired who was an Elaine, and I know I've named a character Elaine before. Just can't remember which book).