Monday, March 12, 2012

A Trip Back in Time: (February 2009, the Romantic Novelists' Association votes Richard Armitage The Sexiest Thing on Two Legs)

A couple of days ago I was writing a post for a blog and I referred to a blog I'd taken part in several years ago for The Wedding Planners series. The blog is still up (although no longer updated), so I looked back over some of the things I'd posted there. One of them was about Richard Armitage (as in the title of this post).

The video that went with that post (via the Romantic Novelists' Association  website) is the one below. It's still as romantic as ever (and yes, the music is Somewhere in Time by John Barry.


Laney4 said...

Oh my! I don't believe I've ever seen him before, so thanks for sharing! (I Google Imaged him, thinking he must have aged since then, but no, those moments were fairly recent.) Will have to watch for him now.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I haven't seen a number of those movies, but I want to.