Saturday, November 5, 2011

If You Love Jellybeans (or Even if You Don't)...

This stop-motion music video by Kina Grammis has a background made up of 288,000 jelly beans. It took 22 months to make! Each frame was created by hand and filmed with a still camera.

And this is how they did it (30 people, 1,357 hours, 2 ladders).

Amazing and truly a work of art. I love this stuff! (no CGI, no green screen)

via Damn Cool Pictures


Mary Preston said...

I DO love Jelly Beans. I had to show my daughter this. She loves them too.

Laney4 said...

I'm back! (When I get behind on my blogs by several days, there's no sense in commenting on the older ones where no one will see them.)
That being said, I enjoyed both video clips. Truly amazing stuff.
What's also amazing is where/how you find these things, Myrna. However you do it, thanks for sharing with us.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

i just had a lot of fun watching this. I'm glad you both enjoyed the videos.

As for where I find things, I have a revolving and ever-growing selection of sites I frequent. That's half the fun (the other half is visiting with you here. I love being able to read your comments.It still amazes me that we can visit even though we're in different countries). And Elaine, no worries if you can't comment frequently. Life is busy.

Mary, I like jelly beans, too. Alll those colors and flavors...