Friday, September 30, 2011

Thanks for Teaching Us

Teaching is an intense profession. Teachers spend hours outside the classroom planning, grading papers, worrying about their students and devising ways to reach those who are troubled or struggling. Good teachers go a step farther; they give of themselves; they guide; they make a difference and in some cases, they change lives.

Most of us, however, would never think about going back just to say hello to a former teacher, and in most cases, that isn't even possible. Our lives are busy; we no longer live in the same area and that favorite teacher may have retired long ago. The opportunity has passed and we can't change that. But TBD is running a 30-day campaign to recognize amazing teachers all over the world. It's called Thanks for Teaching Us, and it gives everyone a chance to thank a teacher who made a difference.

Dear Great Teachers, ThanksForTeaching.Us from TBD on Vimeo.

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