Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LEGO Fascination

My kids were big LEGO fans and I can understand why. There are few other toys that offer so many possibilities. Worlds and vehicles and...all kinds of other objects are just waiting to be created. All you have to do is envision them and put together the right combination of pieces. Here's an intriguing video on how LEGOs are made in an almost exclusively robotic factory (a bit eerie, to be sure). Be sure to look for the LEGO sculptures (and what has to every kid's idea of a dream job) near the end.


Mary Preston said...

Even though my children are grown up, we still have the LEGO packed away somewhere.

Laney4 said...

LEGO means "play well"? Again, we always learn something on this blog. Thanks, Myrna!

My children are also grown up, and I know exactly where my son's LEGO pieces are: in his room (where he had made airplanes, etc. out of them, and in our crawl space, so he can take them with him when he moves out. My kids are almost 24 and 26, working full-time, owning their cars outright, and paying me room and board. They enjoy saving their money for home down payments down the road, and I enjoy having them here off and on, as they spend most weekends at their friends' places (and I still collect R&B - gotta love it!).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

My grown children have their LEGOs in the attic just waiting for them. It's nice that they're so indestructible.