Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Minimalist Hotel

I saw this and my first thought was "I have to put this on the blog to mess with people's heads."

Okay, I lied. That wasn't my first thought, but I did realize that this "9 Hour Hotel" in Kyoto wouldn't appeal to everyone. It didn't really appeal to me, except...I could see instances where it would be good to have something like this. I've been on driving vacations where at the end of the day I was just looking for a place to sleep (so that I didn't have to sleep in my car). And when the narrator suggests that an airport might be prime territory for such a concept, I have to agree. Places where people get stuck and end up sleeping in uncomfortable chairs or on the floor would probably be perfect for this type of hotel. See what you think.

A little weird or creepy or practical (or both)? What's your opinion?

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