Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gadget Crazy

Born on June 8th: Scott Adams, Kim Clijsters, Lindsay Davenport, Julianna Margulies, Sara Paretsky, Bonnie Tyler, Frank Lloyd Wright

Quote of the day: The perfect gadget would somehow allow me to fly. Isn't that what everybody wants? It would also cook a damn good microwave pizza. So while in flight you had something to eat - an in-flight meal. Where would I go? Well, nowadays, it would probably just take me to work a lot quicker. - John Krasinski

I don't know if this is really coming (it's been in the works for years, but the rumor is that it will be released very soon) and I'm not sure what I would really do with it or why I would want it, but it's so awesome that I would want one. 

That doesn't mean I would actually get one. I must be one of the few people on the planet who doesn't yet have an mp3 player (I have no idea why. Maybe I don't stop writing or reading long enough to listen to much music?) and I don't have an ipad (maybe someday) or a smartphone, or even a phone that takes pictures. Still I do love gadgets (I do have a Kindle. Love it...more than I thought I would). There's just something very cool about this printer.

Here are a couple of articles about it. It apparently won an invention award from Popsci.

So...your kind of gadget or no? Are you a gadget person, and if you are, what are your favorites? (Doesn't have to be high tech. I have a PaperPro stapler that I really like. You barely push it and it staples 15 sheets at a time). 

Best Wishes,


Mary Preston said...

I'm not really a gadget person. Do pegs qualify? This morning it was very blustery hanging out the wash & my old wooden pegs held everything on without a hint of blowing away to china. I tend to go with tried & true rather than flash & razzle-dazzle.

Anonymous said...

I don't THINK I'd go out and buy this gadget, but my kids would probably buy it for me (and then have to show me how to use it).

No, I am not a gadget person, per se. I still have pictures on my camera (saved, but) not developed yet from June/08 onwards (when my computer crashed, along with my photo program that needs to be reinstalled). Really must work on that....

As for other gadgets, well ... I too tend to go with tried and trued like marybelle. (This said from the person who still has an electronic typewriter sitting beside her. Hey! They are GREAT for application forms and large envelopes!) I love my labeller and have labelled my linen closet and pantry contents faithfully (as well as my mother-in-law's scrapbook I prepared for her 80th birthday a few years back). I like the USB stick so I can save my photos (you know - the ones I haven't printed yet) and my income tax returns (I've learned the folly of my ways). I love texting my kids on our new cell phone (but refuse to pay for an expensive plan), but I don't know how to take or retrieve a picture/video on it (yet?).

I have one of those staplers too (Staples brand) sitting in front of me. Love it too, especially when I have a huge pile of papers to staple for my self-employed income taxes.


Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, pegs definitely count (here we call them clothespins and I love the fact that there are different words for them)!

Elaine, uh oh, you said the naughty word (typewriter). LOL Despite the fact that I once spent 9 months between teaching positions as an administrative assistant and yes, had to type on a typewriter, I was never a good typist. Computers saved me, because I would have been a much slower writer if I'd had to correct the mistakes I made on a typewriter (although I did start out on one).