Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amazing Paper Creations

Born on June 7th: Gwendolyn Brooks, Beau Brummell, Michael Cera, Paul Gauguin, Bill Hader, Liam Neeson

We've discussed origami before, something I'm not good at and which I didn't think I found all that fascinating, but then I ran across this young woman:

Here she shows you how to make the triangles:

I'm adding a link to her YouTube channel, because she has quite a few videos and projects there.

So...were you able to follow that first video? (I replayed it several times).

Have a great day!


Mary Preston said...

I am no good at origami, but my daughter is. I work in Early Childhood & one Autumn she made me about 100 origami leaves in Autumn colours to hang from a branch. I hung it from a beam in the classroom & it said "Welcome" in all it's glory. So beautiful.


Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, that sounds wonderful!