Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Somewhere in the World You're Famous - Map Places Bearing Your Name

Born on this day: Frank Capra, Tina Fey, Fred Perry (won 14 grand slams in tennis), George Strait (via NNDB)

Some days I feel as if the Internet was invented just for people like me. I'm a total sucker for fun, geeky little Internet toys that have no real value in the world but are just amusing. Mind you, I've never been one of those people who get totally goofy about finding their name someplace (maybe because I've never been overly fond of my first name. Sorry, Mom). But I have to say that this map was just plain fun. You put in your name and it finds places all over the world that also bear your name (if we want to be really egotistical, we could say that they're places "named after you." I'm sure I could make up a few quick stories about how a street in Colorado came to be named Myrna Lane). :-D

Here's an image of my own results as an example of what you can do (the map is worldwide and you can move around in it on the actual site, but this screenshot was as much as I could zoom out to. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy. It lost some clarity when I downsized it so that it wouldn't take all day to load).
When you make your map, you can click on the pushpin at the top and it will zoom in on specific areas. Here's where to read more and make your own map. Have fun! (via Presurfer)

Best Wishes!


Mary Preston said...

With a name like MARY I am sure I am famous the world over & then some. Fun to ponder though!!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, how awesome that you are famous! (I think that everyone in the world should have one or two moments of fame in their lives, just for the fun of it).