Monday, March 14, 2011

A Note About Series Books...

Over the years, I've taken part in a number of book series, a couple all my own, but mostly with other authors. Some have been written within my regular line, the Silhouette and Harlequin Romance lines, and some have been completely separate. As I add to my Bookshelf and ebook pages, I'll try to include those other books so that you can see the complete series. But for now, while I'm still getting up to speed (yes, it's taking longer than I'd like), here are the series in question:

The Wedding Auction Series (there were 2 sets of 3 books each, all by me)

The Brides of Red Rose Series (written by me)

The Maitland Maternity Series (a 3-book series with Marie Ferrarella, Stella Bagwell and myself)

Family Secrets (a 12 book series with multiple authors)

The Lone Star Country Club (a 4-book series with Beverly Bird, Martha Shields, Elizabeth Harbison and myself)
The Fortunes of Texas Reunion (a 12-book series with various authors)

Montana Mavericks: Wed in Whitehorn (part of a 4-book series with multiple authors)
(this is one of 3 different covers that have appeared on this book)

In a Fairy Tale World (6 books, 6 authors)

Shakespeare in Love (a 3-book series with Elizabeth Harbison, Karen Rose Smith, and myself) 

The Wedding Planners (a 6-book series with Linda Goodnight, Melissa James, Shirley Jump, Melissa McClone, Susan Meier and myself) 

And Girls Weekend in Vegas (a 4-book series with Jackie Braun, Shirley Jump, Melissa McClone and myself)

Some of these feature stand alone books (books that are linked to the others, but which have no mystery or thread which is woven through all of them); some of them are linked more tightly. What are your feelings on series? Do you enjoy them? If so, do you like longer series? Shorter? More tightly linked? Less tightly linked?

Best Wishes and Happy Reading!


Colleen said...

I love series books... the only thing I am not a fan of is when it is alot of different authors... I tend to miss out on a bunch of the books. Will still read what I get, but lean more towards series by one author.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Colleen, that's interesting. Over the years I've done a lot of giveaways on my website, and I never give the ones that were part of the big multi-author series away, unless the winner specifically asks for one. It just feels as if I'm setting the reader up to be frustrated since the mystery never gets solved in my little 1/12th of a series book. (I see there was a mistake above, too. Just Pretending was only part of a 4-book series, not a 12. Harlequin just sent me 50 copies of the new re-release. I'll fix that).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Also, most of the shorter Silhoutte Romance and Harlequin Romance multi-author series books still work as stand alone books (although each Maitland Maternity book sets up the next book, so those are a bit more tightly linked).